KVM komutatoriai


TECHLY 101928 Techly 2-port DisplayPort/

2x1 DP&USB KVM Switch allows you to share a display, USB keyboard & mouse with audio and microphone between two USB and Dual head DP computers. It comes with two extra USB 2.0 ports with over-current detection and protection for additional device connections. It supports resolutions of up to 3840 2160@3OHz with video link rate up to 21.6Gbps, Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio formats. Also, it features metal housing for better RF shielding and allows user to switch between devices via front push button or hotkey.

    DIGITUS KVM Switch 2x2 HDMI 2-Port

    With the DIGITUS 2-Port KVM Switch for dual displays, you can operate two 4k-compatible PCs using a single USB keyboard and mouse combination. By pressing a button or hot key, you can switch comfortably between the two PCs and are spared the trouble of replugging all cables. Output on up to two monitors is provided via two HDMI outputs on the rear side. You can also switch between the audio signals for the microphone and speaker. In addition, a USB port is included on the front side for use with other peripheral devices like USB sticks or external hard drives on both PCs. The connected peripheral devices are each assigned to the active PC. Status LEDs on the front side of the switch show you the current configuration at all times. The slim switch features the added benefits of sturdy metal