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LOGILINK Dual monitor stand 17 32inch

LOGILINK Dual monitor stand 17 32inch

The monitor desk stand enables you to put your monitors onto the desk, without any big mounting. In this way, you can slide the monitors with the stand to any position you want to. Use your screens with full freedom of movement and tilt, swivel or rotate it as you like.


    The modular and flexible design of the WorkFit-LX fits most any space while providing personalized ergonomic positioning. This stand-up desk system enables complete control of focal distance and the position of the keyboard relative to the monitor screen.
    The LX offers unparalleled range of motion, easily accommodating a user’s sitting or standing posture. Features include 20 inches (51 cm) of height adjustment and 62 inches (157 cm) of side-to-side movement.
      HP INC.

      HP B300 PC Mounting Bracket

      Attach your HP Workstation, HP Desktop Mini, HP Chromebox or select HP Thin Client directly behind select 2017 and 2018 HP EliteDisplays and HP Z Displays with the HP B300 PC mounting bracket.
      Maximize your available work area with a single-footprint solution. Simply attach the bracket to the back of your display's stand, and your PC platform to the bracket. It's that easy! Reduce cable clutter with short USB A to B and DisplayPort cables.
      Retain the comfort features of your 2017 or 2018 HP Elite Display or HP Z Display. The bracket doesn't interfere with the monitor's height adjustment, tilt, swivel or pivot settings.